11 to Overcome Pain with Food

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People sometimes feel pain in his body that can interfere with daily activities. You can overcome some of the pain by eating some certain foods that can reduce pain.
Here are 11 types of body condition can be treated with food, as quoted from iVillage, Monday (09/04/2012), among others:

1. Shortness of breath, eat chili !
Shortness of breath that is triggered by cold, sinus infections, allergies or your co-workers perfume that is too oppressive to be overcome by eating chili.
"Chillies contain capsaicin, the plant compounds that can dilate blood vessels in the nose, helping relieve sinus inflammation and infection of the way it works even faster than decongestant nasal sprays," said Teresa Graedon, Ph.D., coauthor of the book The People's Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies
Research shows that two teaspoons of chili a day can reduce the pain due to shortness of breath. You can add the peppers into the food, if you have difficulty to swallow immediately.

7 Ways to Get Healthy Sleep

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Sleep disturbance is one of the health problems that can happen to anyone. Lack of sleep not only makes you sleepy easily, but also affect the overall health condition.

So what to do? The first step is to establish a healthy routine before bed. Here are some tips that you can try to make the mind and body to relax so that helps bring you to sleep more soundly and healthy:

Proven ability to exercise Boost the Brain

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Exercise was not only making a strong muscular body, but also can help improve memory function of the brain. That at least is evident from a study conducted by Kirsten hotting, PhD from the University of Hamburg, Germany.

"Combining different forms of exercise may provide beneficial effects on brain function," he said.

Experts say, in adults who are elderly, brain regions associated with memory (hippocampus) tend to shrink. Previous research has also found that a brain region called the hippocampus could again grow after they (older people) began to perform physical activity. This growth is usually accompanied by an increase in memory function.

Coffe or Tea? Where you should choose

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When should choose coffee or tea, usually to be considered is the taste because they have proven equally healthy. But at certain moments, the benefits of tea or coffee can each surpass one another.

After all the content in tea and coffee is not 100 percent the same, so the choice between them should be based on many considerations beyond the affairs of taste. One of them is a goal that at the time you want to get from the drink.
Excess tea and coffee at certain times based on the benefits to be obtained are as follows, as quoted from Menshealth.com, Sunday (08/04/2012).

How to tell if you hiperseks or not?

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Some people are sometimes confused about whether he was still in the normal phase or already hiperseks. Here's a question that could indicate someone hiperseks or not.
In a study conducted by researchers from the University of California, participants were given questions about shyness and neuroticism. After statistically analyzing the researchers conclude that neuroticism can lead to hypersexual behavior.
People who have a neurotic disorder impulsive but trying to avoid the anxiety will make it more likely to act out the paths through hiperseksualitas.
Some people have dubbed obsessed by sex, but if it's really unrealistic or not? To know that answer the following questions, as quoted from Menshealth, Saturday (07/04/2012), namely:

Pengobatan Kelainan Sistem Respirasi Manusia

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Sebelumnya Makalah Keperawatanku telah membahas secara singkat beberapa kelainan/penyakit pada sistem respirasi manusia. Jika anda belum membacanya silahkan anda baca Disini. Pada kesempatan kali ini Makalah Keperawatanku membahas secara singkat pengobatan pada gangguan sistem respirasi manusia.


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A.Komponen Konsep Diri
Konsep diri dapat digambarkan dalam istilah rentang dari kuat sampai lemah atau dari positif sampai negatif. Bergantung kepada kekuatan individu dari keempat komponen konsep dirinya.

Konsep Dasar Anak dan Hospitalisasi

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Bentuk stresor individu yang berlangsung  selama individu dirawat dirumah sakit

Perubahan Konsep Diri
Rasa Takut dan Ansietas
Kehilangan dan Perpisahan